CA Firefighter Memorial Sacramento

October 12, 2023 – October 15, 2023 all-day America/Los Angeles Timezone
sacramento, ca
October 13-15 California Fire Fighters Memorial in Sacramento.

Preliminary plans for State Memorial. Leave S. CA on Thursday October 12. Take 101 to CA 1 to Cambria, stay the night. Will have to backtrack a bit on Friday to take Highway 46 to the 101. Take the 101 all the way to San Francisco, go over the Bay Bridge, and take 80 into Sacramento. We can also cut over the 152 from Gilroy to catch the 5 into Sacramento, which still bypasses most of the San Joaquin Valley. Taking the 5 all the way from L.A. to Sac kind of sucks. Take the 101 all the way home on Sunday, the 5 for those in a hurry. Highway is closed about 50 miles north of Cambria, so taking the 1 all the way is out. Hotels available in Cambria, researching now. The event in Sac is later in the day, but I’m sure there will events at DeVers and other places on Friday evening. Or stay somewhere on the road on Friday and roll into Sac on Saturday about noon. Riding up on the 12 staying (location TBD) riding into the memorial on Saturday the 14 and staying at  the Sheraton Grand Sacramento 916 447 1700 for CA FF Memorial room reservation on 10/14 I was given a rate of $177 + tax under the California Fire Foundation. The plan as discussed is to ride up Thursday, location TBD. Ride to Sacramento on Saturday the 14th for Memorial. Leave the 15th. Route and location TBD Go to:

you can click on $177 room registration. Please pass on this information to anyone interested in attending.